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Interesting Links of the Week – August 15, 2008

This week for me has been about returning to normalcy. The political crisis has ended and I have started a new project. These links below were great for re-inspiring me.

Social Change Links of the Week

Collective Lens stimulates social change through visual means by aggregating powerful photographs. In additional to the inspirational photos, the site also features a blog and information on related organizations.

Carnival for Change is hosted by So What Can I Do?, a blog featuring easy ways to make a positive difference in the world. I would highly recommend adding it to your feed reader. This week’s carnival focus on the numerous resources available for social entrepreneurship.

Nonprofit Link of the Week

Rosetta Thurman in Career Empowerment as Co-Creation reminds us that it takes two to make a career. We are responsible for seeking challenges and professional development as much as it is our employer’s responsible to provide both. It’s a great reminder of how much power we have to shape our careers.

Public Health Link of the Week

The Washington Post published an in-depth feature of Helene Gayle, the president of CARE. CARE is one of my most favorite organizations that work in international development. They have a wonderful campaign called I Am Powerful that focuses on empowering women in poverty-stricken regions.

Video of the Week

I know having ExxonMobil and the word responsibility in the same sentence might seem a bit strange. However, ExxonMobil debuted an advocacy commercial at the Olympics describing their corporate social responsibility initiative to raise awareness about fighting malaria. Unfortunately, I can’t embed the ad here, but you can view it on ExxonMobil’s site.

Update: I just found a YouTube link for the ExxonMobil malaria ad via Technology, Health and Development.