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Blog Day 2008

Today is Blog Day, a day for bloggers to highlight some new and interesting blogs that they have found. Here are five blogs that I have been checking out lately. Enjoy!


Innovation, Africa and the environment: These are not topics that you often see together, but Juliana deftly covers news and insights about the environment and the African continent.


Index cards are for more than making flash card. Jessica Hagy posts an index card a day with a chart or diagram for a funny take on the world. The blog is a fun source of daily amusement, and I believe that she has a book out as well.

Quiet the Thunder

Milena Thomas is a fellow blogger through the Brazen Careerist Network. Her blog covers insights about her life and her view of politics through a libertarian’s eyes. We don’t agree politically, but I love having my views challenged occasionally.


Sarah writes on her blog about the nexus of information technology and social change, an intriguing topic to consider. I found her blog through the new Changeblogger Ning site that Britt Bravo started.

Collective Lens

See some gorgeous pictures from around the world and learn about various social causes, all in the same site. Collective Lens promotes social change through the medium of photography, promoting awareness and providing a window into the lives of the millions of people who live on less than $2 a day.

Want to participate in Blog Day? Here are the instructions.

  1. Find 5 blogs that you find interesting.
  2. Write a short description of the blogs and make sure to link to them
  3. Publish it today (on August 31st)
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