New Year. New Blogging Habits

I’m not typically a proponent of New Year’s resolutions. They are typically easily made and typically easily broken. Psychologically, the beginning of the year seems like an inspirational time to set lofty goals with little or no accountability for follow through.

And in the case of blogging resolutions, the accountability is there but the temptation to set unreachable goals still remains.

So I am going to make a blogging small steps plan to start a better blogging habit. I blamed by lack of blogging before for not having anything to say, but mostly I think that I just thought what I wanted to say was not worth sharing.

1. Make a blogging schedule.

I joined a gym about a month ago as part of a plan to seriously start being healthy. I may not go to the gym everyday but I have made a conscious effort to do some sort of physical activity everyday so it becomes more of a habit.

I plan on doing the same with my blog by blogging on weekdays even if it is a couple of links to articles that I read. Integrating blogging into my workday routine will make it easier to keep up.

2. Use Twitter as a complement to blogging rather than a substitute.

Twitter can be a novice blogger’s downfall if you don’t watch out. Don’t get me wrong; I love Twitter but it is really easy to focus solely on Twitter and neglect the impact that writing more than 140 characters can have.


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