Interesting Links of the Week – August 24, 2008

Social Marketing Link of the Week

What happens when you pair college students with professional video producers for National HIV Testing Day? The PSI BCC Blog highlights these creative personal PSAs (PPSAs) that reached as far as Tanzania informing people of the importance of knowing your HIV status. Take a look at some of the PPSAs here.

Social Change Link of the Week

The folks at Social Actions have released a game-changing super widget for people who blog about social change. The new widget actively scans your blog and suggests actionable opportunities from over 20 platforms that Social Actions supports. Unfortunately, WordPress will not let me install it, but if you don’t have a WordPress blog, I would highly recommend you adding it to your site.

Videos of the Week

Looking to be socially conscious and the next Steven Spielberg? TrueTube is a video sharing site targeted for people who want to network about social issues through the medium of video. You can upload your own works of art and see videos of established nonprofits as well.

Public Health Link of the Week

The Health Care Blog brings the need for universal health care home with Health Care in the YouTube era. On two separate occasions and in two separate hospitals, someone video recorded a person dying while waiting for medical attention in the emergency room. I can’t bring myself to watch the video, but the comments below the videos really show how much dissatisfaction there is with the American health care system.

Social Entrepreneurship Link of the Week

For those looking for a little insight and inspiration for changemaking, Mentorography features digital diaries of social entrepreneurs.


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