I know that rejection is a fact of life. You can’t always get what you want. Yes I stole that from the Rolling Stones. But there are some things in life that you think are given. Free refills (if you are from the South), wearing flip flops around Christmas time (again if you are from the South…or California), and Google’s strange ability to ubiquitously helpful. And until a few days ago, I thought that volunteering belonged in that category. Until I received this email.

Dear Ms.Mason,

Thank you for completing the UNV application. Given that the minimum age to serve abroad as a UNV volunteer is 25, we are unable to offer you an assignment. We encourage you to reapply at a later stage and in the meantime to check our links to other organizations that promote or are linked to volunteering at

If you wish to engage in sustainable human development activities via the Internet, join UNV’s Online volunteering service at

You may also wish to visit the WorldVolunteerWeb at to obtain a wealth of information on volunteerism worldwide. To be informed about volunteer news, events and organizations, subscribe to the newsletter at

With our best wishes for success in your endeavours,

UN Volunteers
At the Service of Peace and Development

At the service of peace and development. Now, I could understand if I was rejected for something related to a skill. But simply because I am not 25? Since when did the UN start practicing age discrimination? I thought that was reserved for American rental car companies. Apparently I was wrong. It seems that youthful goodwill is not accepted in service of peace and development.


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  1. Randy Tyler on

    Hello from MYS,

    Our charitable organization, Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), is a 77 year-old leading, trusted and respected healing and support agency based in Winnipeg, Canada, that provides a variety of innovative and leading programming for thousands of Manitoba’s young people on a yearly basis. In providing healing and support services to children, youth and families in Manitoba, MYS employs over 500 full and part-time personnel.

    Online Volunteers from Around the World

    Since 1998, we have been at the forefront involving online volunteers from around the world to assist us in fulfilling our organizational mission. What do these highly-skilled online volunteers do? They perform a range of diverse tasks, such as professional voice overs (eg, for podcasts, PSAs), video editing/production, copy writing, Flash design, software development (Perl and PHP), database development and graphic design (eg, annual reports, posters, brochures) to name a few tasks.

    We aim to match your interests and skills with an online volunteer opportunity we have available (or aim to create).

    for further info, please see:

    Randy Tyler
    Online Volunteer Program Developer/Webmaster
    Macdonald Youth Services
    175 Mayfair Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3L 0A1
    T: 1 (204) 949-4292
    Skype: randytyler_canada
    PGP Key:
    Voice/Video Mail:

  2. Anonymous on

    It’s just one (1) e-mail out of a thousand possibilities, and they are not even rejecting you on a personal basis, but instead leading you on to other possibilities….

    For inspiration (if you can get a good internet connection) you may watch the TED talk “The seemingly impossible is possible”.

  3. […] need people raising awareness among people who do not have access to social media. There may be obstacles when you try to show up, but you have to know how to work around the roadblocks. After all, no one […]

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