A long overdue update

It’s definitely been a while since I have posted and quite a bit has happened since then.

– The contract for the apartment was finalized last Wednesday.

– I actually moved into my apartment on Saturday.

– Before I moved in, I bought a fridge, oven and bed. This is currently the only furniture in my huge three bedroom apartment.

– While trying to set up the fridge, I tried to remove an extension cord from the wall since it seemed to be broken. Upon doing so, I received an electric shock because one of the pins broke inside the outlet.

– I got locked inside my apartment on the balcony while doing laundry.

This was caused by a combination of factors. The apartment is on the sixth floor and it has been quite windy some days. Even in the few days, I have been in the apartment I have been scared because strong winds slam doors shut. This is exactly what happened on Sunday as I was hanging laundry to dry. I was left on the balcony with no keys and no one knew that I was locked out there. Sunday is not a time to expect anything to get done in Mozambique. Virtually every store and restaurant is closed. The only keys to open the apartment were locked inside and all of the windows are covered with grates. So I did the only thing I could do. I opened the door of the second entrance to the apartment. I couldn’t leave through the door because the gate was sottered shut. I yelled for help for a little while. The Indian couple who lives next door, who I hadn’t met until this point, came out to see what I was yelling about. He offered his keys to see if any of them would open the door. When this didn’t work, he went down stairs to get the guard. So there I was, speaking in English to the Indian couple and Portuguese to the guard, panicked that I was actually going to need a locksmith to get me out of there. Eventually, I figured out a way to break in using a knife the guard provided. The end result is that there is a hole in the screen door and part of the paneling is broken on the door. I guess if that is the most trouble that I encounter while living here, I am pretty lucky!


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