I have two new men in my life!

Their names are Julius Nyerere and Eduardo Mondlane. The relationship began with tentative uncertainty, but after careful consideration, I have fallen captive to their charms and decided to move in.

Just in case, some of you are beginning to think that I am crazy, these are not two real men. They are the names of the streets that intersect at my new apartment building! I am a soon-to-be lessee of a three bedroom apartment on the seventh floor. The building sits on Avenida Eduardo Mondlane, about a half block away from one of the main streets in Maputo, Avenida Julius Nyerere in the neighborhood of Polana. Now I will be steps away from many of the restaurants, cafes, markets and other places that I need to take a cab to now.

The precise move-in date has not been set yet, but the sooner it is, the better. I never thought that I would miss the capability to cook for myself. Eating out all of the time is not the most nutritious, convenient or affordable way to live. Besides that fact, I very much want to stop living out of my suitcase. I always feel that I am getting ready to go somewhere rather than trying to live here. Now that I will have a place of my own, I can actually see what I have to wear in the morning. It also means that I can go grocery shopping!


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