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Series: Arguments for Universal Health Care

In June, Tim Weaver wrote a post called The Immorality of Fighting Universal Health Care on Brazen Careerist that sparked a firestorm of strongly opinionated comments, including from me. It’s something that has stuck in my mind given my strong interest in health and public welfare.

I decided to write a series of posts that explore arguments that market the need for adoption of universal health care beyond political ideological discussion. I think that some of the reasons get lost in knee jerk reactions and the horror stories from other countries. I am looking forward to some robust discussion about the topic.

Here is a preview of things to come:

1. The Moral Argument
2. The Economic Argument
3. The National Security Argument
4. The Consumerist Argument
5. The Inevitability Argument
6. The Demographic Argument

Do you know your audience?

I had a conversation with one of the staff psychologists about the government assistance available to people who live with HIV in Argentina. Everyone who has HIV in Argentina receives free treatment either directly through the government or through their insurer. We talked about how useless free treatment is if the patients are worried about more pressing concerns such as where they will get their next meal from. Continue reading


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